About Us

Our mission is this: We love waterfowl hunting and the men and women who serve our country. Our mission is to give back to those who have served or are serving by taking them on waterfowl hunts they will never forget.

Beakwhackers Waterfowl started as just the Beakwhackers, a hunt club, if you can call it that, in 2016 out of King George, Virginia. We were a local group of guys who just loved duck hunting. The group came with it all; a couple police officers, a soldier, a mechanic, a baseball star, some average joes, and a whole bunch of "comedians". 

Although the thrill of hunting ducks and geese was immeasurable at times, the group wanted a way to be able to introduce others to the sport and further the feeling we all experienced. After some thoughtful discussion, we came to the idea of veteran hunts. Who better to give back to then the men and women who serve our country? And if we could do it while showing our love for something we were truly passionate about, all the better. 



In the past three years our veteran hunts have never been short of amazing! We have had the pleasure of sponsoring vets from near and far. We've been lucky enough to have guys come from as far as Tennessee and Pennsylvania and also been able to get some retired family and friends out on their first duck hunt.

Truly, what good is this life if we don't get to do something we love and share it with those we care about? The goal is to do as many hunts throughout the waterfowl season as we can. The bigger impact we can have, the more proceeds we can raise, the better experiences we will be able to provide.